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        W140 Sequencing - The Next Molecular Generation

        This webinar can be viewed an unlimited number of times until September 26, 2013.
        Speaker: Melissa B. Miller, Ph.D.
        Description: The goal of this session is to review the role of sequencing in the clinical laboratory and to explore potential future sequencing applications. The technical aspects of Sanger sequencing, pyrosequencing and next generation sequencing will be reviewed. Additionally, applications such as bacterial identification, HIV genotyping, and drug resistance detection will be discussed.

        Intended Audience: The course is open to anyone! However, since it is a practical course, laboratory personnel (e.g., medical technologists, supervisors, and directors) with a minimum of a bachelors-degree and familiarity with clinical microbiology would benefit the most. Limited to U.S. and Canadian residents.

        Objectives: Following this session, the participants should be able to:

        • Understand the main differences between Sanger sequencing, pyrosequencing and next generation sequencing.
        • Review two current applications of sequencing used in the clinical microbiology laboratory.
        • Recognize the power of sequencing as it relates to future applications.

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