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        Login Help

        ASM is working to expand the number of its websites that recognize a single set of login credentials, (username and password), and personal contact information.

        The same username and password is recognized at these sites. A change to your contact information, email address or password at any one of these sites is shared with all of these sites.

        • Community.asm.org - a social networking site for ASM members and non members.
        • estore.asm.org - Both members and non-members can create accounts at this ecommerce catalogue site to pay annual ASM membership dues or purchase ASM products.
        • http://www.asm.org/ - Certain pages are only available to current ASM members
        • Authorbilling.asm.org - The corresponding author for an accepted journal article use this site to complete their page charge and reprint order.
        • http://www.microbelibrary.org/- Annual paid subscription website
        • http://www.ecosal.org/ - Annual paid subscription website
        • http://www.asmpress.org/ The website hosts the downloadable PDF content that can be purchased from ASMPress at the eStore.asm.org
        • ce.asm.org - Continuing Education credits are claimed and managed at this website

        Some ASM websites do require a unique set of login credentials that are valid only at that specific website.

        • Manuscript Submission and Review (Rapid Review) - For authors, reviewers, and editors
        • Meeting Abstract Submission and Review (Oasis) - For presenters and reviewers
        • Meeting and conference attendee registration - Each ASM meeting or conference has a unique website with unique login credentials to purchase registration
        • Career Connections - http://www.asmcareerconnections.org/ is the online job board for employment in the field of microbiology
        • MicrobeWorld - http://www.microbeworld.org/ is a site with educational and publicly submitted microbiology content

        ASM online journals - Within the ASM journals website an individual subscriber to one or more of the ASM Journals with annual subscription fees can use a single set of login credentials for all journal subscriptions.